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Customer reviews constitute a powerful tool that is capable of increasing the ability of students to find dependable and credible writing services that guarantee quality outputs. They are not a recent invention; they have been in existence for a long time now. Way before the world embraced e-commerce, customer reviews were being undertake on products and services and their results published in a popular magazine known as Consumer Reports Magazine. At the time, different products and services, even companies were rated on issues relating to pricing, durability, dependability and quality. E-commerce brought a shift in the platforms that customer reviews were conducted. Today, many websites exist that accept and even solicit for customer reviews. Social media sites too are being used as avenues of sharing feedback on products and services. The truth, customer reviews have played a critical part in informing buying decision among many consumers. They are now wiser and more knowledgeable. In the same manner, there is need to apply customer reviews in the writing industry so that students can find the most trusted and credible writing companies to write their assignments.

Relevance of Reviews

In many occasions, students put themselves at risk of becoming victims of scams when they send their academic tasks to companies that they know little about or have no way of knowing their past performance. This has led to loss of finances on their part because most writing companies are rogue and submit products that are developed in very unprofessional ways by staffs that are unqualified. This is very frustrating and it explains why customer reviews in the writing industry are necessary. With customer reviews, students will have references they can make to for information that they need to find credible writing services. is making this a reality for them. This platform accepts reviews from all students. With this information, it becomes easy to distinguish writing companies that are well liked and trustworthy out then. We increase their visibility so that students can find them really fast.

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Mode of Rating and Ranking

Our mode of rating writing companies is so much dependent of their performance. To determine their performance, we have crafted a rating tool that captures factors that are most valued by writing companies. Such factors include customer service, affordable writing, and timely delivery of services, quality of end products and their readiness of use. Once the companies have been rated and their performance established, we use a numerical score to rate them in such a way that the best performing services appear at the top. We then compile a report and publish it on this site so that every student or visitor in need of writing services can use the information featured in the report to identify the best service.

More Details in Video

We offer our visitors more details about the top writing companies in the form of video clips that show their procedures from ordering to delivery. Also, you can access their websites by clicking on the quick links that we have provided below.